• CSTRS Designed to Improve U.S. Military’s Ability to Respond to Mine Threats.

    Enterprise Ventures Corporation (EVC) has been awarded a $12.5 million contract from Naval Surface Warfare Center - Panama City Division (NSWC-PCD). Under this contract, EVC will build the U.S. Navy Carriage, Stream, Tow, and Recovery System (CSTRS) for the MH-60S helicopter. The CSTRS provides the multi-mission MH-60S helicopter with the widest, largest minesweeping capability by making Organic Airborne Mine Countermeasures Systems deployable from fleet assets in dangerous waters. Read press release.
  • Intelligent Business Process Management Solutions

    In the midst of soaring deficits, shrinking markets, reform and ever changing regulatory requirements; public sector, healthcare and commercial organizations globally need to do more to increase efficiency, organizational connectivity, quality and responsiveness.

    EVC is the preferred US Systems Integrator for PNMSoft (www.pnmsoft.com), a global Intelligent Business Process Management Suite (iBPMS) leader. Our cloud and on-premise iBPMS solutions optimize, automate, manage and enhance any organizational process through intelligence, high usability, social collaboration, enterprise wide stakeholder and technology integration and mobile process operation.

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  • Performance Improvement Solutions

    EVC’s adaptive and data driven Lean & Six Sigma Performance Improvement solutions, catered to an organization’s unique challenges reduce waste, variability and errors while increasing client satisfaction, staff satisfaction, revenues and profitability. Learn more.

  • Analytics Solutions

    Volume, velocity, variety, complexity of structured and unstructured data is growing in virtually every sector. This data explosion is causing a shift from collection to analysis, bringing with it the need for tools and methodologies to collect, visualize, analyze and take action on the data.

    With expertise in various leading technologies, EVC’s end to end Analytics solutions include Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence, Big Data and Advanced Analytics. Learn more.

Enterprise Ventures Corporation

Enterprise Ventures Corporation (EVC) is a wholly-owned, for-profit affiliate of Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC).  Over the past several years, EVC has been totally reorganized and has focused on building the systems and capability to transfer advanced technologies designed and created by CTC and others to the industrial base.  More about EVC


EVC produces complex Naval mine warfare systems and complex tools, such as the CSTRS, Skive, H60 Bridge, the Edge Prep Toll, the Alternative Brazing Tool, and others.  The benefit to research and development firms is successful transition of their technologies and products to full scale manufacturing.  The benefit to the government client is successful transition of developed technologies to meet their mission goals.  This transition helps to make any government and contractor program successful and provides an avenue for entrepreneurs to take their technologies to the market. Learn more.

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Professional and Consulting Services

EVC provides a full spectrum of professional services, management consulting and technology services to government and private clients. Through a growing team of highly qualified staff, consultants, subject matter experts, experienced leaders and partnerships with leading technology vendors we provide a full range of services from staff augmentation to strategy to end to end technology solutions. We have significant experience working with some of the largest government and private organizations in North America. Learn more.